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Jan 2020

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Jan 2020

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31 JAN 2020

The bus shelter in Coddington

Vote to save disused shelter
Villagers in Bedfordshire have voted overwhelmingly in favour of keeping a decades-old bus shelter.

30 JAN 2020

Entrance to Wrightbus

Wrightbus on the up and up
The chairman of Wrightbus has said the company now has 400 employees working in its factory in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

29 JAN 2020

The scene of the crash

Crash accused blamed bus driver
A man accused of causing the deaths of three of his car passengers in a crash involving a bus in Aberdeenshire, northeastern Scotland, blamed the bus driver, a court has heard.

The bus and the barber’s shop

School bus hits barber’s shop
Two children have been hospitalised after a school bus crashed into a barber’s shop in South Yorkshire.

24 JAN 2020

Halton Transport Optare Solo No. 56

Bus firm goes into liquidation
A council-run bus company in Cheshire has gone into liquidation after seeing losses rise by more than 1,100% in two years.

Air-filtering Bluestar bus

More air-filtering buses on way
Following a trial, six more towns and cities — four of them in our region — are to see the introduction of buses that filter pollution from the atmosphere.

23 JAN 2020

A90 Crash

Man on trial after bus crash
A man has gone on trial accused of causing the deaths of three people after his car was involved in a collision with a bus in Aberdeenshire, northeastern Scotland.

21 JAN 2020

Robbery Wood

Cyclist killed in crash with bus
A cyclist has died in a crash with a bus near Hinkley Point power station in Somerset.

19 JAN 2020


Double-decker set on fire
An arsonist has destroyed a low-emission double-decker bus outside a shopping centre in Glasgow, southwestern Scotland.

18 JAN 2020

Belle Vue Road

Girl raped after leaving bus
Police are hunting a man who raped a passenger — a girl in her teens — he had followed off a bus in Bristol.

17 JAN 2020

Cardiff Bus

Loose horse takes ride on bus
Rescuers managed to get a horse to safety on a bus after finding it on the loose on a busy city road in southern Wales.

16 JAN 2020

Exhaust Fumes

Bus pollution charge approved
A council has approved a CAZ (clean air zone) charge on vehicles in Bath, Somerset, in a bid to improve the city’s air quality.


Bus hits and kills pedestrian
A bus has struck and killed a man on a busway — a guided track that only buses can use — in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

School Reading Bus

Cash raised for reading bus
Crowdfunding has raised hundreds of pounds to repair a primary school reading bus in Gloucestershire after vandals smashed it up.

14 JAN 2020


Giant sinkhole swallows bus
An enormous sinkhole has swallowed a bus and a number of pedestrians in western China, killing at least six people and injuring 16 others.

13 JAN 2020

James Freeman

Roadworks blamed for bus delays
The boss of First Bus South West has sent an open letter to customers noting the ‘appalling disruption’ passengers are facing across Bristol.


Two school buses crash on the M4
Two buses carrying schoolchildren have collided at a motorway junction in southern Wales.

11 JAN 2020

Blackett Street

Stagecoach fights road plans
A bus company is fighting a city centre road closure in Tyne and Wear after losing 120,000 passengers because of it.

Trolleybus in Cardiff

Electric buses back in vogue
Fifty years ago today saw the plug pulled on the last trolleybus in Wales; however, local councils now see electric public transport as an answer to congestion and air pollution.

10 JAN 2020

New Routemaster

New Routemaster boarding change
Passengers using London’s New Routemaster buses will only be able to board them using the front door in future, transport bosses have said.

Veganuary advert

Veganuary ads back on buses
A bus firm has put back posters promoting veganism on the back of its buses in Shropshire after their removal led to criticism.


Man named in crash with bus
Reports have now named the man killed in a crash with a bus on a road in Moray, northeastern Scotland.


Disputes behind Yourbus collapse
Bus firm Yourbus collapsed following rows with Derbyshire County Council and National Express, reports suggest.

First Glasgow

Electric buses for First Glasgow
A bus firm is launching electric buses on a commercial route in southwestern Scotland for the first time since the 1960s.

09 JAN 2020

Lothian Buses

Fares to rise on Lothian Buses
Bus passengers in central and southeastern Scotland are facing a new round of fare increases.

07 JAN 2020

Isobel Gall

Bus driver’s death ‘devastating’
The death of a bus driver, whose battle against cancer inspired an awareness campaign, has left her father devastated.

06 JAN 2020

Greater London

Bus drivers could strike
Bus drivers in London are so exhausted they are at risk of being a danger to passengers and other road users, a union has said.

04 JAN 2020

Burkina Faso

Students killed in bus blast
At least 14 people have died and four others have sustained injuries after an IED (improvised explosive device) blew up a bus in northwestern Burkina Faso.

Greater Manchester

March for public bus services
Campaigners wanting Greater Manchester’s buses brought back under public control have marched a petition to the region’s mayor.

03 JAN 2020


Three killed in bus attack
Gunmen have attacked a bus in Kenya — close to the Somali border — killing three people, local officials say.

02 JAN 2020

Perry Barr

Bus depot snag hits plans
A key part of plans to deliver the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, West Midlands, is set to cost nearly eight times its original £2 million price tag due to a bus depot.

01 JAN 2020

St Annes

Woman hit and killed by bus
A double-decker bus has hit and killed a female pedestrian in Lancashire, police have said.


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