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Jun 2020

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10 Jun 2020

Mask bus plan not ready

Plans to force passengers to wear masks on public transport were descending into chaos as it emerged officials have yet to decide how to enforce the rule.

From Monday 15th June, passengers in England must wear a face covering to travel on buses, trams, trains, ferries, and planes to limit the spread of coronavirus.

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Transport Focus said some passengers would not wear face masks unless told to
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The Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps (b. 1968), said those caught failing to comply will face a fine of up to £80.

A source, however, said officials are struggling to find appropriate legislation to underpin the rule and that it may not be ready for Monday, though the DfT (Department for Transport) said there will be full guidance by then.


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05 Jun 2020 | 22:24

Passengers using public transport in the capital are to receive free face coverings.
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04 Jun 2020 | 22:43

Wearing face coverings will be compulsory on public transport in England from Monday 15th June, the Secretary of State for Transport has said.


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04 Jun 2020 | 22:40

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