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Oct 2020 Calendar
(Credit: Bus World)

05 Oct 2020

New way to pay on First Bus

First Bus, which runs a number of services in the Bus World region, is now accepting Express Mode for Apple Pay on its buses.

First has accelerated the launch of this innovative technology to give passengers another safe way in which to pay without using cash.

Apple iPhone 6
First Bus says the new payment method is quicker and more convenient than cash

Express Mode for Apple Pay is a quick and secure contactless method of payment. To use it, you just need to tap your device on the card reader; there is no need to wake or unlock the device, open an app, or use Face ID or Touch ID.

Apple Pay is also easy to set up. On an iPhone, you simply open the Wallet app, tap ‘+’, and follow the steps to add a credit or debit card. To enable Express Mode, just go to ‘Settings’ and select your card in ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’, which you will find under ‘Express Travel Card’.


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05 Oct 2020 | 16:05

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