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We have our say on our region’s bus services

Bus World Team

02 Jan 2020

New ticket prices at Stagecoach

From Sunday 5th January, Stagecoach South will be introducing new ticket prices on its buses. While quite a few tickets remain the same price, some fares will increase.

Stagecoach tickets
Dayrider Gold and Discovery tickets
(Credit: Bus World)

One ticket set to rise in price — and one that we at Bus World use quite often — is the Dayrider Gold, Stagecoach South’s network ticket. From Sunday, this will cost £9.10 on the bus; it therefore makes more sense to use a Discovery ticket instead.

With a Discovery ticket you can use, not just Stagecoach buses, but many other operators’ services, too. It is valid throughout Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, and much of Hampshire. You can also use it on routes into Berkshire, Wiltshire, and Greater London.

Okay, at £9, a Discovery will only save you 10p on your fare, but those few pennies all add up, especially if you use the bus quite often.

Happy travelling!



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