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Tourist attractions in our region

Swanage Bay
(Credit: Public Domain)

Old Harry Rocks



Studland is home to the Old Harry Rocks. These are three chalk formations located at Handfast Point on the Isle of Purbeck. They mark the most easterly point of the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation) world heritage site.

Old Harry Rocks
Old Harry Rocks
(Credit: Lee Wilkins)


Castle Way
© Lee Wilkins
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Wilts & Dorset

Route No. X33


Route SOUTHAMPTON – Bournemouth

Departure Castle Way

The Square
© Lee Wilkins
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Wilts & Dorset

Route No. 150


Route BOURNEMOUTH – Studland

Departure The Square


Bus Ticket
The ticket used on the day of travel was a Getaway.

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The trading names of bus operators often change over time. In all instances, we use the trading name in effect at the time of travel. Similarly, route numbers and branding are also subject to change. Again, we use the route number and branding in effect at the time.

When we list a town, city, etc. in FULL CAPITALS, this indicates that the full bus route starts/ends here. If we list a town, city, etc. with only an Initial Capital letter, this indicates that the full bus route starts/ends at some point before/after this.

The location of the bus stop (departure point) used at the start of the route stage.

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