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Bus Lane
Councils treating drivers like ‘wallets on wheels’
Harshil Gudka

14 Nov 2018

Councils’ £41 million in bus lane fines

Ruthless councils are handing out almost 2,500 bus lane fines a day and have been described as being worse than ‘cowboy clampers’.

Town halls raked in £41 million from drivers who strayed into bus lanes in 2017; one lane in Oxford, Oxfordshire, which catches 75 motorists a day, generated £1.5 million on its own for the council.

An FOI (Freedom of Information) request has also revealed that councils in Glasgow (south-central Scotland) and Aberdeen (northeastern Scotland) issued 145,408 fines, 16% of the total for the UK.

An AA (Automobile Association) spokesman said councils are treating drivers like ‘wallets on wheels’.


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