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Aug 2020 Calendar
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Aug 2020

28 AUG 2020

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28 Aug 2020 | 12:27

A group of artists, inspired by a mysterious designer who made a bus shelter into a cosy room last year, is transforming 10 bus stops in Gloucestershire.

27 AUG 2020

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27 Aug 2020 | 18:55

The removal of part of a cycle lane in East Sussex is under way to address ‘unacceptable’ delays to bus journeys caused by its installation.
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27 Aug 2020 | 18:36

A court has jailed a convicted drug dealer for seven years and eight months after he killed a bus driver and injured 14 people in a multi-vehicle crash in Greater London.
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27 Aug 2020 | 09:22

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that commuters will only be able to board every other bus in the capital in order to give school pupils priority.

13 AUG 2020

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13 Aug 2020 | 19:14

A scheme backed by the government will see a bus garage in Greater London converted into the world’s largest trial site for a new low-emissions type of power station.

11 AUG 2020

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11 Aug 2020 | 18:36

A court has found a 16-year-old boy guilty of fatally stabbing a teenager on a bus in Greater London.

04 AUG 2020

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04 Aug 2020 | 12:48

Transport for London (TfL) staff have caught nearly 2,000 people a day not wearing masks on its buses, according to new figures.


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04 Aug 2020 | 12:45

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