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Sep 2021 Calendar
Sep 2021 Calendar
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19 Sep 2021

Double-decker hits house

A double-decker bus has ploughed into the front of a house in Crouch End, Greater London.

The vehicle, which was not carrying passengers at the time, struck the property in Chimes Terrace at about 8p.m. yesterday evening.

Route 91 Metroline bus in Westminster
A route 91 Metroline bus — on its way to Crouch End — in Westminster
© Leif Jørgensen [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons

The route 91 Metroline bus had collided with a car before crashing into the house, the Metropolitan Police said.

The force added that there were no reports of any injuries and officers had not made any arrests.

The driver is assisting the Met with its inquiries.


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10 Sep 2021 | 18:51

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