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Bus World, created by Lee Wilkins in 2014, is a local community project run by volunteers, all of whom have a passion for the bus industry in southern England — from the operators to the services they run — both past and present.

Our army of contributors share their enthusiasm for all things buses by writing, editing, and updating all the content on the busworld . co . uk website, which features news, views, reviews, and more from within our region (see map below).



In the News
Although based in Hampshire, we include news stories from across southern England, albeit with a larger emphasis on those within our region.



Photo Shoot
Photos and chat from the gang. On a monthly basis, our volunteers provide the lowdown on a past or present Bus World photo shoot.



Bus World Reviews
Stuck for somewhere to go? We can help you out. We rate a host of tourist attractions from around our region — all of which you can get to by bus using just a single ticket. Whether it’s a museum, art gallery, country park, zoo, cathedral, or farm, you’ll find there’s something for everyone here.



Classic Routes
We also include some classic bus route itineraries from around our region. Each route is graded one of three colours; this denotes the degree of difficulty needed to complete the trip. If you’re therefore feeling adventurous, follow a Red route; if you want to take it easy, go for a Green route; if you want something in between, take an Amber route.

Lee Wilkins

Past Travels
Lee Wilkins, Bus World’s founder, gives us a selection of photos and anecdotes from his many travels by bus. The slide shows cover bus shelters, bus stations, bus stops, and bus tickets.


Gloucestershire forms the north boundary of our region, Kent the east, Devon the west, and Hampshire the south. The map below shows the whole area that we cover.

Bus World boundary map
The region that Bus World covers
(Credit: Bus World)


Bus World contents

What’s New

New features and items added to the website


In the News

Local news stories from around our region

Bus World office

Photo Shoot

Photos and chat from the Bus World team

Brighton & Hove

Bus World Reviews

We take the bus to review our local tourist attractions

Portland Bill

Classic Routes

Some classic bus routes from around our region

Lymington Bus Station

Past Travels

Photos and anecdotes from Bus World’s founder