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Route X7/X7R
Route X7/X7R
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03 Sep 2016

A new timetable for the X7

Bus passengers in the Hampshire districts of Ower, Testwood, and Totton will soon have an improved X7 service from Salisbury.

The full route of the X7 — operated by Salisbury Reds — runs between Salisbury and Southampton via Alderbury, West Wellow, and Totton. At present, the last bus back from Salisbury is at 3.40 p.m., which is, quite frankly, pathetic. Also, the first bus of the day from Southampton doesn’t reach Salisbury until 10.30 a.m., which hardly makes travelling to the Wiltshire city by bus worthwhile.

Although the X7 doesn’t arrive at Salisbury any earlier than it does at present in the new timetable — which starts on Monday 5th September — there is at least a later bus back.

The X7 leaves from stand D in Endless Street at 5.45 p.m. and takes its usual route back towards Southampton as far as Totton Shopping Centre. From here, Bluestar’s route 11 and 12 services provide onward travel to Southampton (through fares are available).

Although the first bus of the day from Salisbury leaves — and arrives — 15 minutes later in Totton than it did before, all in all, we are quite pleased with the changes to the X7. It does at least make it slightly more worthwhile for those on the Totton/Southampton side of the route to use this service once more.

There is one thing that puzzles us, though. The first X7 of the day leaves Salisbury at 6.50 a.m. It arrives — and ends its journey — in Totton at 7.45 a.m. Why could it not then head back — in service — to Salisbury? If it did, it would arrive at about 8.40 a.m. — a far more useful time for the first bus of the day from Totton to arrive, we would suggest. Perhaps the next timetable change can address this? We live in hope!

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