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We have our say on our region’s bus services

MAY 2019

Route 6 Timetable Changes
Bluestar 6 timetable changes

24 May 2019

Route 6 timetable changes

Bluestar is making changes to one of its Hampshire bus routes tomorrow. Here we answer some questions about these changes.

What’s happening?
Bluestar is revising the timetable of its route 6 (Southampton – Lymington) service.

Why is that?
Bluestar blames a cut in funding by HCC (Hampshire County Council).

When’s it happening?
The new timetable will come into effect on Saturday 25th May.

How will it affect travelling to Southampton?
You will be able to get to Southampton 35 minutes earlier than at present; this is because the first bus of the day will leave Gosport Street at 6.22 a.m. instead of 6.57 a.m. The last return journey back is five minutes later than at present.

How will it affect travelling to Lymington?
You will get to Lymington 33 minutes later than at present; this is because the first bus of the day will leave WestQuay at 9 a.m. instead of 8.30 a.m. The last return journey back is five minutes later than at present.

How are bus connections in Southampton affected?
There will be no major adverse effects for those travelling to Southampton.

How are bus connections in Lymington affected?
The only major bus route out of Lymington (other than route 6) is the X1/X2 to Bournemouth, run by More. The changes mean you will not be able to get to Bournemouth until 12.19 p.m. at the earliest — 34 minutes later than at present. (See below for an alternative.)

Bus World’s verdict
Yet more bus cuts affecting the services in our region. What’s new? This time HCC gets the blame; makes a change from Brexit! Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to get any better. Privatised bus companies are in it to make money for their shareholders — not to serve the public, who help keep them in business in the first place.

If you’re travelling between Southampton and Lymington by bus, there’s no alternative to the no. 6; you have to use it. If you’re travelling to Bournemouth from Southampton, however, there is. Take the X7 Salisbury Reds service from WestQuay (the same stop as the route 6); the first bus leaves at 9.10 a.m. and arrives in Salisbury at 10.27 a.m. At 10.40 a.m. (Blue Boar Row Stand M), take the X3 bus, run by More, to Bournemouth; this arrives at 11.55 a.m. — 24 minutes earlier than if you went via Lymington. (Back in the day, of course, you could hop on an X33 Wilts & Dorset bus in Southampton and be in Bournemouth by about 9.15 a.m.; it even continued all the way to Poole! Glory days we’re unlikely to see again. What do you think?)

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