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Apr 2021 Calendar
Apr 2021 Calendar
(Credit: Bus World)

It’s all change here

Apr 2021

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07 Apr 2021 | 15:58

Winchester Bus Station
This bus station pic, from July 2017, shows a couple of things you won’t see here anymore. First, a King’s City single-decker is exiting the station (from what is now the entrance). Secondly, a Bluestar double-decker is waiting at a stand (now removed) at the station exit (which is now the entrance) about to depart (from what is now the entrance). Got all that?

The bus station closed for a refurbishment shortly after Lee took this photo; the changes came about after it had reopened.
Winchester Bus Station
Winchester, Hampshire

(Credit: Lee Wilkins)

By the way, did I mention the bus shed? Buses used to pass through this shed (demolished during the renovation) as they entered the station (from what is now the exit).


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