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May 2021 Calendar
May 2021 Calendar
(Credit: Bus World)

Fareham Bus Station

May 2021

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04 May 2021 | 14:17

Fareham Bus Station
We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve travelled to and from this Hampshire bus station over the years. Although most often used as a starting point for onward travel, it has always been one of our favourite stations. Similarly, Fareham itself remains one of our fave towns.

Both of the operators that run services from here have buses shown in this photo; namely, First Solent (one single- and one double-decker) and Stagecoach in Hampshire (one double-decker).

The main areas served from here are Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, and Winchester. There used to be a direct service to Havant from here, too, but First axed its route 63 some years ago. (A real shame, as it was one of the top bus trips in our region.)
Fareham Bus Station
Fareham, Hampshire

(Credit: Lee Wilkins)

PS Funny but true: Back in the 1990s, Lee Wilkins, Bus World’s founder, got locked in a public garden, not far from the bus station in Fareham. Yes, unbeknownst to him, somebody had actually locked the gate whilst Lee was still sitting in there. Ha! Ha! He had to hoist himself and his holdall over the garden wall to get out. He hasn’t been back since, I’m told.


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