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Jun 2021 Calendar
Jun 2021 Calendar
(Credit: Bus World)

Horsham Bus Station

Jun 2021

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08 Jun 2021 | 15:25

Horsham Bus Station
Bus World has only visited Horsham once before. (Very remiss of us, I know.) We were due to travel there again last year but the pandemic obviously put a stop to that — along with, for the time being at least, all our other travels.

When it comes to elegance, Horsham’s bus station has to be in our top three. It’s like a smaller version of the one in Portsmouth (Hampshire). Beautifully laid out, with good seating, litter bins, a digital departure board, and free timetables, it makes it a real treat to arrive at or depart from a station such as this.

The main bus operator here is Metrobus. (You can see one of their single-deckers in the photo.) Arriva Kent & Surrey and Stagecoach in the South Downs also run services from here.

Major areas served from this station are Brighton (East Sussex), Crawley, Dorking (Surrey), Gatwick Airport, and Guildford (Surrey).
Horsham Bus Station
Horsham, West Sussex

(Credit: Lee Wilkins @ Wilkins Digital)


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