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Classic Routes

Classic bus routes from around our region

Classic Routes
Purbeck Breezer in Bournemouth, Dorset
(Credit: Lee Wilkins)

Green Routes

Bus Itineraries

04 SEP 2017

bw-SAL avatar
04 Sep 2017 | 22:34

The first section of this trip sees you travel from Southampton to Salisbury via Winchester. The route back takes you through Andover, Basingstoke, and Alton.

16 AUG 2016

bw-REA avatar
16 Aug 2016 | 22:45

This trip takes you from Romsey to Newbury via Winchester and Andover. On the way back there are stop-off points at Basingstoke, Alton, and Winchester.

12 AUG 2016

bw-BOU avatar
12 Aug 2016 | 22:58

Here’s a pleasant trip that takes you down to the south coast. From Southampton, you travel to Bournemouth via Salisbury, before heading off to Lymington.

31 JUL 2015

bw-SOU avatar
31 JUL 2015 | 22:58

Here’s a trip to the seaside via Romsey, Southampton, and Hythe. There is an extended stop at Lepe Beach and a bus ride to Lymington before heading home.

02 SEP 2013

bw-KUT avatar
02 Sep 2013 | 23:27

This is a fabulous trip if you really want to make a day of it. There’s a lot of travelling but the connections are easy to make. Stop-off points are at Staines and Kingston.

01 AUG 2013

bw-GUI avatar
01 Aug 2013 | 22:52

Here’s a nice easy trip around Hampshire and Surrey. To give you a break from all the travelling, you can stop off and take a look around Shere (it’s well worth it).

15 FEB 2013

bw-SOU avatar
15 Feb 2013 | 22:37

Why not stop off and look around the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth on this trip. Perhaps you’ll prefer to stay awhile at Winchester — or Fareham — it’s up to you.

05 SEP 2012

bw-BOU avatar
05 Sep 2012 | 22:37

Here’s a simple trip that gives you a few hours to stop off at wonderful Weymouth. Along the way it takes you through Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Dorset.

22 AUG 2012

bw-SOU avatar
22 Aug 2012 | 23:22

On this circular bus trip through southern Hampshire you get to take in some lovely towns and cities. These include Portsmouth, Havant, Alton, Winchester, and Romsey.

13 JUN 2012

bw-SOU avatar
13 Jun 2012 | 23:18

Here’s a gentle trip around south Hampshire. With this one you get to travel from Southampton to Winchester on both Bluestar and Stagecoach in Hampshire buses.

23 APR 2012

bw-SOU avatar
23 Apr 2012 | 22:49

Here you have a pleasant bus trip around south Hampshire. It takes in areas such as Southampton, Portsmouth, Havant, Fareham, Winchester, and Romsey.


Amber Routes

An Amber route is fairly easy to complete. Its itinerary has between 5 and 10 stages with some tight connections to make.

Red Routes

A Red route is quite difficult to complete. Its itinerary has between 8 and 12 stages with multiple tight connections to make.