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Aug 2021 Calendar
Aug 2021 Calendar
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12 Aug 2021

Tribute to bus crash victim

The family of a woman killed in a crash between two buses in Victoria, Greater London, have paid tribute to a ‘kind and thoughtful soul’.

Melissa Burr, who was 32, died at the scene on Tuesday 10th August after a single-decker 507 crashed into another outside London Victoria Station.

London Victoria Station
London Victoria Station - Victoria, Greater London

Two other people sustained injuries at a bus stand by the rail station, which is in the centre of the capital.

‘We are absolutely devastated by loss and the hole that this incident has left in our lives,’ a family spokesperson said.


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10 Aug 2021 | 18:34

A woman has died and two people sustained injuries in a crash between two buses in Victoria, Greater London.


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10 Aug 2021 | 18:33

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