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Oct 2021 Calendar
Oct 2021 Calendar
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09 Oct 2021

Crash forces second evacuation

Neighbours of a house hit by a bus in Oxford, Oxfordshire, have had to move out, a council has confirmed.

The bus crash on Wednesday 6th October forced the residents of a property in Morrell Avenue to evacuate their home.

Morrell Avenue
Morrell Avenue in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Oxford City Council, which owns both properties, said it had also moved the residents of the neighbouring semi-detached house in East Avenue out.

The authority added that it is assessing the building for damage and had placed the residents in a hotel while this takes place.


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08 Oct 2021 | 11:24

A man has said he is ‘absolutely gutted and heartbroken’ after a bus careered down a hill and hit his house in Oxfordshire.


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03 Oct 2021 | 17:28

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